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FAQ About a Teen Obtaining a Learning Permit to Drive

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Has your teenager been begging you to allow him or her to learn how to drive? Before you allow your teen to take control of the wheel, there are a few important things that you should know. You don't want to end up breaking any laws that might be in place. Take a look at this article for more insight about what it takes for a teenage driver to legally take control of the wheel of a vehicle.

What Are the Requirements for a Teen to Get a Permit?

The requirements for your teen to obtain a learner's permit will depend on the specific state that you reside in. For instance, almost all states will require that your teen takes a driver's education course for him or her to be issued a learner's permit. The requirements will also depend on the specific age of your teen.

Are All Types of Driver's Education Courses Accepted?

You must be careful about the driving school that you enroll your teen in. If you enroll him or her in a course that is not approved by the state, he or she will not be approved for a learner's permit. An additional course that meets the requirements of the state will have to be taken, and this will mean that the money spent on the first course will be wasted. 

What Kind of Training Will Be Provided?

The type of training provided will depend on the specific driving school that you enroll your teen in. For instance, some schools offer a classroom course and training behind the wheel, but some will only offer one or the other. Your teen will be taught about road rules, including what signs and signals mean. He or she might also learn how to parallel park and what to do when parked on a hill. Other lessons will include learning about speed limits and what to do when an emergency vehicle is approaching with flashing lights.

How Much Does a Driver's Education Course Cost?

If you must enroll your child in a driver's education school that includes textbook learning and training behind the wheel, the minimum estimated price is $200. However, the price can be as much as $800 depending on the duration and depth of training. If your teen only takes a classroom course, the estimated price is $30 plus. Taking a behind-the-wheel course typically costs $50 and up. Look at sites such as http://www.a1peckdrivingschool.com to find a state-approved driving school to enroll your teenager in so he or she can obtain a learner's permit.