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Three Things The Roofing Exam Candidate Brochure Will Tell You

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When you're preparing for a major exam like the roofer's exam to get your roofing license, it's important that you're organized and methodical about it. Passing this exam is essential for obtaining licensure. Before you schedule your actual exam date, you should reach out to the local testing agency for a copy of the candidate brochure designed for the test. If you've never seen the brochure, here's a look at some of the things that it will tell you and why it's important.   

Exam Details

The brochure will provide you with some valuable details about the exam itself. For example, it will supply an outline of the content that you'll find in the exam. This will help you to determine how to focus your studies and ensure that you're studying relevant information.

Your brochure should also tell you if the exam is open book or closed book. This is significant because it affects how you prioritize your efforts. In addition, it should include a list of the reference materials you should use to study and any of those materials that you are permitted to bring into the test with you. Make sure that you study using the recommended reference materials as the answers to the questions will come from that information.

You'll also get full details of the passing score for each portion of the exam and some sample questions. This section helps you to get some idea of what to expect from each component of the test.  

Reference Material Recommendations

In addition to the basic testing material references, the brochure should also provide you with a list of supplemental reference material that can help you to further understand the test material. This may even include the statutes for your state. You'll have to be well-versed in your state's roofing contractor and construction statutes before you will be certified.

Testing Environment Restrictions

Sometimes, there are restrictions surrounding what you can and cannot bring into the testing room. This even applies when the tests are open book. If the testing center will supply your open-book materials, including the statutes and statistics, you may be advised not to bring anything other than your pencils and a calculator with you. Don't forget your calculator if you're permitted to bring one because you may have to calculate roofing slopes and angles. The calculator will make this much easier and help you avoid manual calculation errors.  

Since you have to pay for the exam every time you take it, you'll want to have your best chance of success the first time around. With these tips, you can understand why the candidate brochure for the roofing exam may help. Ask your testing center for a copy and make use of the information it provides to improve your chances of passing.